December 20, 2010


My 2WW is turning into an M. Night Shyamalamadingdong movie, I swear.

Yesterday was 2dp5dt. I think I might've felt faint cramps. I think my stomach might've been like .1% queasy after dinner. Coincidence? If I didn't have two embies in me, I probably wouldn't have noticed a thing.

But then I went to brush my teeth before bed and gagged when using my tongue scraper.

That never happens...

Oh wait, it used to happen all the time when I had my "for reals" pregnancy. I never had morning sickness, but my gag reflect was super sharp and I had to be careful when brushing my teeth.

I'd completely forgotten about that symptom until it happened last night.


And then I woke up around 4am this morning and never did go back to sleep. In fact, I was wide awake. That hasn't happened since...

...since I was really pregnant.

And so this morning I POAS'd. And I swear I saw the faintest outline of a line. Maybe it was an evap. But I didn't see that shadow on my pee sticks from yesterday (yes, I peed on three sticks yesterday--so sue me!)

All these symptoms are strangely coincidental, no?

Swing away...

Golden Bud



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