December 20, 2010

Holiday Travels...

This will probably be my last post before Christmas. We leave Christmas Eve for Boston, and will be in New England until December 29. Then I am headed to Long Island (without Lil JB and Mr. JB) to see my grandmother. She is moving into the nursing facility on Thurs, so I am sure I will have time to blog once I am there.

Anyways, not too much to report here. We are waiting until after the holidays to submit our adoption app to the agency. We keep hoping that maybe, just maybe, a child in the foster care system will need a forever home and that it will be ours. AF is due in two days...and of course, I wait in anticipation for her arrival, even though I know she will come and once again my cycle will not result in a pregnancy. Sigh. Happy Holidays to all...On a positive note, here is lil JB's Santa photo. It makes me smile :-)

Til next time...

~June Bud



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