December 22, 2010

The insanity continues - 5dp5dt

As usual, I woke up around 4am and had a hard time going back to sleep. Got out of bed around 7, tested with FMU, got another BFN. Usually by 8am, Mr. GB gives me my PIO shot, but this morning he slept in. What's weird is that all morning I had that gross feeling that AF is arriving. Not so much crampy as yucky. I thought maybe it's because my PIO shot was later than usual? Well who knows, but I took it as a positive sign because for my successful cycle, I had cramps at 7dp3dt (10dpo). Can you believe how delusional I am??

The yucky feeling eventually went away, and I didn't notice much cramping. All day long I hummed to myself to check my voice. High notes are still there. The only notable symptom is that I had no CM today that I could tell (and it's usually very obvious due to the turquoise estrogen pills). Tested again late afternoon, also got a BFN.

I'm at the point where I no longer trust my eyesight in analyzing HPTs, so I developed a method of adjusting photos (using photo editing software) to help me better see lines. This afternoon's stick was 100% BFN, no doubt about it.

I haven't completely given up--I suppose I could still get a BFP tomorrow or even Friday, but really, what are the chances? I'm bummed but not as crushed as I'd be if we didn't have 2 frosties left. Mr. GB is still optimistic (talk about delusional!).

That's it for now. If you need me, I'll be at the funny farm.

Golden Bud



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