December 22, 2010

Holiday and TTC craziness

Things have been nuts to a 3rd degree... Between Teaching, preparing the school Christmas Show, and gearing up for the Holidays, we have been up to our ears in "busy".

We are taking a small break from actively TTCing, because Mr. DBud got AFLAC through his company, which will begin the 1st of the year, and covers Maternity... So to be on the safe side, we are holding off a month or two so that we can be sure it all pans out well, and we can receive our benefits. On top of that, I had an appointment with my PCP who is now running blood tests and such and will be helping me with my PCOS. He asked that we hold off on TTCing the first month on the program because of the vitamins he is going to give me, or something, and thought it would be best... So for now, we are just holding off a bit, and practicing the BD ;)

The Holidays have been nuts... But I keep hoping that this time next year we will be expecting :) here's hoping!



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