December 22, 2010

Am I About to O?

I think today might be the day! You all know what I'm going to be doing tonight ;)

Judging by past temperatures (my past three charts have had a pretty sharp dip with a moderate temp increase on the day of O, with a sharp rise the next day), plus the symptoms I've been able to track, I may be on track for an earlier-than-usual O. Woohoo! [And if I put in high temps for the next 3 days, it gives me today as the day]. But I suppose all of this is just hypothetical until I actually see a temp rise. Too bad I have to be on a plane tomorrow at 7, which means my wake-up temp is going to be off. Also too bad that we're flying up to see my parents until Monday--so we'll be sleeping on a futon in the living room and I'll have a terrible time sleeping!

If you're traveling this week, stay safe. Sending all of you wishes for a BFP come January 1!
Love, Magnolia Bud



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