December 21, 2010

I am officially insane


I haven't seen sticks this white in a long time. I've been lucky getting BFPs right away for my last two cycles (even if they are the kind you pull from the trash). And even after my losses, I still had plenty of BFPs waiting for my hcg to go down. It seemed I could never get a white stick when I wanted one. And now it's all I've got.

Yes, it's early. Very early. But for my last cycle, my chemical, I got a faint BFP on the evening of 9dpo.

My promising symptoms are now gone, other than the sore boobs that I had before the transfer (thanks PIO).

I'm not hopeful. Not crushed, just resigned.

Golden Bud


Sassy Bud said...

Don't give up. I had a stark white at 4dp5dt and the faintest BFP ever at 5dp5dt. Good luck!

Magnolia Bud said...

Fingers crossed! Are you testing again today? I'm praying this is your sticky baby.


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