October 11, 2010

I should be happier...

My embryo transfer was yesterday and I now commence what I call the "5 day wait." That's because I will start peeing on a stick (POAS) in 5 days. I don't get all the angst about not POASing before beta (blood pregnancy test). I've had enough painful phone calls in my IF journey. If I'm going to get a BFN, I want to find out before the phone rings.

Yesterday's ET was flawless, the best of the four I've had. I had been hoping and praying that my favorite doctor (not my usual RE) would do the procedure, and sure enough, he was there. Talk about fate--he said he wasn't originally scheduled to work yesterday. I'd only met him once before, during my second IVF, and he'd shown amazing compassion. He was no different yesterday. He knew about my loss and about my difficult transfer last time. He also asked how I felt about transferring a single embryo. I wasn't expecting to be asked - it was good to talk it through with him and although I qualify for transferring 2, in the end, we agreed on one.

Somehow all the stars aligned yesterday--we had a perfect, highest-grade blast, the transfer took all of about 5 minutes, and my bladder was tolerable (usually the most painful part of the transfer process). My secret fear about my cervix being blocked by scar tissue did not materialize.

So why am I not ecstatic? Because we only ended up with 5 embryos to freeze. Yes, 5 is way better than 0, but for a record cycle for our donor with 38 eggs, we also had a record low number of frosties. This is the second donor cycle where our donor had her worst performance ever.

I expect to POAS this Friday. I know it's early--5dp5dt--but I got my positive in my last cycle at 8dp3dt, and I'd always wondered if I would have gotten a positive the day before. (In case you were wondering, 5dp5dt=10dpo, and 8dp3dt=11dpo.) The blood test will be 10/20 at 8:45am, which is 15dpo.

In other news, Mr. GB's parents are coming to town on Thursday. They are living proof of what happens when you have a child in your forties:  they are nearly old enough to be his grandparents. That's going to be us someday, for better or worse.

Til Friday,
Golden Bud


Jen J. said...

GL GB - sending lots of prayers to you over the next couple of weeks!


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