October 11, 2010

Two years down, a lifetime to go!

Today is Mr. JB and I's second wedding anniversary. It is AMAZING to me that it has been two years already! I cannot believe that we are A. no longer newlyweds, and B. we aren't even close to even being a sort of newly wed. So much has happened in the past two years. The day we got married, Lil JB was still our foster son. He was not even two years old yet, and was already the apple of our eye. There was no adoption in our future, and we were not even sure that we would be able to keep him. He was such a special part of our day, and I look back on our wedding and can't imagine him not being a part of it.

There is one specific time right after our honeymoon that I remember Mr. JB and I discussing our future and our future children. It was only a couple of days after we returned from Aruba, and we were sitting on our porch with my father in law. The topic came up about children, and we ended up having a long conversation about it. We decided that we did not want to start trying to have biological children until we had been married for close to a year, so we looked at the following summer as a good time to start trying. The bigger issue here was also that we were not even going to start trying to have kids until we knew for sure whether or not Lil JB could be adopted by us or not. We did not want to bring a baby into the family and then they get attached to one another and then he have to leave. Little did we know that the complicated issue would not even be the adoption, but the fact that we could not have biological children.

At our first anniversary, Mr. JB and I were discussing how wonderful it was that we would be finalizing our adoption on Lil JB anytime in the coming month. We had finally come to the end of that long, treacherous road, and we were looking forward to finally becoming an offical family. Now, as our second anniversary is upon us, we are looking at the end of another treacherous road (finding out and dealing with the fact that we have Male Infertility), but also a new road of how and when our next child will come to us.

What a difference a year makes...

~June Bud



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