October 11, 2010

A Baby, Maybe?

It is so close I can taste it......yet at the same time, I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch.

Last week on Wednesday, I submitted a resume for a full time position working for a reputable organization that has been ranked in the top 100 companies for working moms. The organization works with children, and has a fantastic benefit package for moms, and moms-to-be. I am 110% qualified for the position, and I know that I would love it. Despite the fact that it seemed perfect, I also needed to deal with the reality that I have been applying for full-time jobs in my field for 3 years and still have not gotten a permanent full-time position. I HOPE that my luck is changing. Less than 24 hours after submitting my resume I recieved a call to set up a phone interview! I am so excited! The phone interview is tomorrow, and while I know that it is still really early in the process, I am happy to have gotten the opportunity to interview......I just hope that this time around I don't have to deal with the let-down that usually follows. I have appreciated all of your support and thoughts and prayers thus far, but I am asking once again, to please send a lot of good vibes and prayers my way tomorrow. This would be an amazing opportunity for me, and a step in the right direction for my husband and I!

As for my Mr.Fitness Bud, he still doesn't have any offers on the table. :( It is frustrating, and I know that he keeps going back and forth between being optimistic and being discouraged. This week, I am choosing to be optimistic. I KNOW that this won't be forever. I KNOW that he will eventually find a job. I know 4 people that have been unemployed for longer than DH that all got jobs last week. I KNOW that Mr.Fitness Bud will knock someone's socks off someday soon, and we will be on our way! I KNOW that life ebbs and flows and that there are peaks and valleys, and that right now we are in the valley, but at some point, we will be on the mountain-top. I KNOW that despite how discouraged I have been at times, that this is not my lot in life, and that struggles can only overcome you if you let them. I know this, in large part, due to the encouragement and love that has been shown to us by friends like you.

I know that tomorrow I might feel a lot differently than I do today, but for the moment, I am going to dwell on the positive, and continue to have hope.


Silver Rose said...

Good for you! That feeling is the best, and I hope it turns out to be the permanent place!

Jen J. said...

GL - getting interview #1 is always the toughest part IMO. Now just knock their socks off with how brilliant you are & you will do great!


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