October 12, 2010

A good CD1

Typically CD1 is a letdown where all your waiting and hoping for the cycle comes crashing down. This CD1 is different for me. It marks the beginning of my first IVF cycle!

I'm going to try to explain the IVF process as I go through it in a way that is understandable to those who have never been through it, so if I seem to "dumb it down" a little, that's why. This pic gives a general idea of the process, although in our case the egg and sperm go through a little different process. Because of our MFI, the RE will be fertilizing them.

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When I met with the RE, they told me to call on CD1 to schedule CD3 blood work. I will be going to the RE this Thursday to do the blood work, and I think they may do a transvaginal ultrasound then too. At that point I believe I also start BCP's. The purpose of the BCP is to suppress my natural cycle until they are ready to stimulate. A few weeks after I start BCP I also take a drug called Lupron which is part of the suppression process.

I am on BCP & Lupron for a total of 3 weeks. Once I stop the BCP, I will get a withdrawal bleed and with that CD1, my IVF process begins. During the 3 weeks, Mr. Sassy Bud and I have to do infectious disease testing along with training on how to do the injections for the IVF medications. Mr. Sassy Bud will be in charge of giving me all my shots. Fortunately for me, he has no issues with needles. I'm not a huge fan of them, but you do what you have to do.

I also got all of the information as far as financing our IVF process. Our insurance covers most of the procedures and medications. I am so fortunate to have this coverage! The total OOP expense came to a little over $2k, which includes our copay of 10% of the IVF procedure, the anesthesia (which may be covered but is not billable) and the surgical supplies (also may be covered). I believe all of our meds will also be covered. The only bad news is that with this IVF we are maxing out our lifetime coverage for IF treatments. If this one doesn't work, we will be 100% OOP for any other treatments we do. That is a scary thought, and the thing that is stressing me out the most about the whole process.

So that is where we are right now. I'll be sure to update after my CD3 appointment.


The Domestic Princess said...

Good Luck Sassy! I love that your doing this. It will be great to follow you through this.

Golden Bud said...

I hope your IVF cycle goes smoothly and you get your BFP!


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