October 15, 2010

I Am The Face of Miscarriage

I am one of the 2,000 faces affected by pregnancy/infant loss everyday. Please go to www.iamtheface.org to show your support and join the movement.

Today was named National Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss Awareness Day back in 2007. Today, I remember my sweet Angeline who was taken too soon and all the other babies and families this horrible phenomenon effects. I Am The Face.org's goal is to bring light to Miscarriage & Pregnancy loss, instead of bury it further into the ground making it one of the most taboo topics in today's world (in my opinion).

It shocks me that on my personal accounts, family & friends are willing to share their opinions and support for all things related to my pregnancy (even the negative opinions), yet no one has a single thing to say about today being MC/PL Awareness day. October is widely known for Cancer Awareness month, yet no one really knows it's also deemed MC/PL Awareness month. We stand up to cancer, we educate on AIDS and offer support for those suffering this disease or other cancers, yet it is not widely "acceptable" to support and educate on this taboo topic. So tonight, at 7PM CST, I will be lighting a candle for my own angel in heaven while saying a prayer for those others who were gone too soon.

My sweet baby, thank you for watching over your little brother and I through this pregnancy and for all times to come. Love, Mommy.



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