October 16, 2010

New Clinic= New Protocol

I recently received my IVF Protocol from my new clinic and I will be on the Long "Luteal" Lupron Protocol. This will be my first time undergoing this protocol and I am really excited. Here is an example of a Long Lupron Cycle after Birth Control Pills have been taken for 21 days.

So Mr. Blessed Bud and I have lots to do before our cycle in November. We have to get blood work this weekend and I just ordered my meds. My stimulation will consist of using Follistim, and Luveris. I have no worries and no fear as I know this cycle is in God's hands.

Congrats to the Worry Buds on the birth of their beautiful daughter! Thank you Make-Up Bud for posting about iamtheface.org.

Until Next Time,


Worry Bud said...

Aww, thanks for the congrats BB! Sending prayers for this cycle for you. I did the Long/Luteal Lupron & it went well for us, so I'm hoping for the same for you. GL sweetie!


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