October 15, 2010

Wow, my body is CRAZY!

Well the good news is that my 4cm shrunk to 2cm.

The bad news is that it's still too big to proceed.

The worse news is that I have FIVE more cysts ranging between 11mm and 18mm.

Um, what?

She said it's possible they could be follicles and that the birth control pills aren't suppressing me properly. So I have to finish up the 5 remaining days of birth control pills and hopefully get a period and then we'll see what's going on at CD3. If they are still there, she'll check my estradiol level and if it's high, then another month on birth control pills.

Seriously... only I would still get follicles on the pill. I am PRAYING that they are follicles and not more cysts because how on earth did I get FIVE more cysts on the pill!!!


Silver Rose said...

WOW, those sound painful! I hope you get through that ok!


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