October 19, 2010

Heartburn and backaches and swollen feet... OH MY!!! It's 3rd tri!

Well as the title says, I am now fully entrenched in 3rd tri (31w at writing) and fully entrenched in all its lovely glory. I have heartburn pretty much 24/7, and it's worst in the evenings. I carry a bottle of Tums around the house with me, and have taken to drinking hot milk with our evening TV session to try to counteract the acid with a base. Hey, at least I'm getting my calcium!

Then, when I finally give in and go to bed, I sleep for about 5 hours before waking up to horrible back pain. I have to get out of bed and stretch, switch positions and pillow formations, and sometimes pop some Tylenol in hopes of catching some more shut eye.

And all this with swollen and puffy feet. I can't even enjoy foot massages from DH anymore, because my big toenails are getting ingrown under the puffy skin and it hurts too much.

But, it'll all be worth it. In just 9 weeks, Little Nature Bud will be here, and we'll start the next fantastic journey of our lives. I cannot wait. Every time I'm feeling extra annoyed by my body, I go sit in his nursery, or look at his tiny clothes, and remind myself that it's all going to pay off in the end.

In the meantime, Rolaids anyone?

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