October 19, 2010

The Good News and The Bad

Well friends, last time I wrote, I was excitedly reporting about a phone interview that I had for a job. It was a great feeling, and the interview went extremely well (in my humble opinion). However, here I am a week later, and I have not heard anything. I also never recieved a response to a follow-up message that I sent. Needless to say, I am left to assume that I am not getting a second interview, but I sure wish someone had the courtesy to call back and tell me that. I was disappointed last week when I hadn't heard anything by Friday, and was even more disappointed today, until............

(Insert back-story here)

As some of you know, I currently have an insanely chaotic job in politics. Since it is an election year, and everyone state office is up for re-election this year in my state, things are NUTS with my job. I am working about 80 hours a week, sleeping almost never, and stressed beyond belief. In addition to having a really tough campaign that I am working on, one of the people close to the campaign is a tough-as-nails lobbyist who is insanely well connected, but also really hard to work with. I have made it my mission to prove that I can withstand her pressures, and do it with a smile. She cannot break me! In any case, I think she realized that I can hack it, and now she likes me.

And then today............................

Today she told me that after the election is over she will be more than happy to do whatever she can to make sure I get a job. And I know that she will because she is true to her word and she would only say it if she meant it. So THAT gives me hope that everything will be ok. The other positive news is that if our governor candidate wins the election appx. 2,000 jobs will open up in his administration, and fortunately I have somehow managed to gain the recommendation of people that matter and have some pull. This is what I wanted, and as much as it has been frustrating that this has been such a long freaking road, I am still holding out hope.



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