October 19, 2010

Back in limbo

I have known my donor coordinator long enough that I can tell by her voice when something is wrong.

She called me today with my blood results and yes they are positive, but the number is "a little low." My hcg level is 34. She said they'd like to see it >50. Granted I did go in a day early, and by tomorrow it may very well be 50, but today it's 34 and now I have something new to obsess about. Great. I was trying very hard not to compare cycles and yeah my pee sticks took longer to darken up this time, but in my head I'd already calculated the doubling rates and knew that if I had a 5 or so at 9dpo (apparently these sticks are sensitive enough per reviews on Amazon), then yeah by now it'd still be on the low side and I'd secretly prepared myself for that. What I also didn't confess to you is that last week I ordered a refill on my pee sticks and they are coming today, and you can bet I will be peeing on them for another couple days.

Can this get any harder?

PS: Hugs to Magnolia Bud for her spotting scare. I hope your ultrasound goes well tomorrow.

Thanks everyone for your well wishes thus far. I hope I don't let you down.

Golden Bud


Sarcastic Bud said...

I'll be thinking of you, friend.

Please keep us posted.

Silver Rose said...

Keeping you in my thoughts!

D. said...

I am SURE you will be fine. I had a 5 day transfer on October 1st. 12 days post transfer my beta was 109. The nurse said that was great and that they like it to be over 100 by 14 days post transfer. You are only 10 days post transfer and you'll be well over 100 in the next 4 days! You're right on track according to my clinic's standards :)


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