October 22, 2010

Apprehensively waiting!

Before I left work yesterday, I decided to send the social worker from the agency we are going to work with (hopefully) for our adoption. When I spoke to her a few weeks ago, she did the prelim questions with us, and when all of those checked out okay, we went on their waiting list. They won't be able to take on new adoptive parents til sometime after the new year, so from there it would just be a waiting game.

I felt like I needed to check in. So, I emailed her. I got a response today, and she said that they are still looking at the beginning of the year for new adoptive parents, but that applications to all the couples on the wait list are going out next week. Then once our application is approved we can start getting the ball rolling.

YAY! At least this is progress! I am an OVERLY, and when I say overly, I probably should say OBNOXIOUSLY overly impatient person, so just having something to look forward to really helps!

~June Bud



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