September 15, 2010

TTC Life Intersects with Real Life

I am currently taking a best practices teaching course through my district and today at class we had to journal write about anything. Can you guess what was 1st on my list? I wasn't sure if I could write solely about TTC, so I thought how it affects my teaching. Without really even realizing, I realized that I am getting more patient and there by being a better teacher. Here is (a slightly edited) version of what I wrote:

I have many goals for this year, many of which will be a true test of patience. I know that if I am successful, I will not only have achieved my goals (reaching those hard to reach students, starting a family), but I will have gained a much better gift: patience. This is not something that I have much of. I frequently get frustrated when things don't go my way or people don't act/think the way I expect them to. Already, after nine months of my struggle (TTC), I understand and have begun working on my utter lack of patience. Things that I thought were impossible before (dealing with the child that refuses to write or even speak, or waiting month after month for those precious two pink lines) are becoming slightly easier, only slightly. These first few weeks at school has helped illuminate the fact that I need to gain even more patience. I am faced daily with some of the most academically and behaviorally challenging students I have ever had in my classroom, and I am already beginning to doubt my ability to help them successfully. However I know I will continue to work with them, no matter how hard it is for me. If my TTC has taught me anything, it is this! Hopefully by next summer I will have achieved my goals; I will have a child of my own plus the knowledge that I have reached at least one of these difficult kids. On top of that, I will have tested my patience for all it is worth. Talk to me June 2011 to see if I am singing a very different tune.

This got me thinking about all the life lessons that TTC has taught me. I figured I would share a few more with you.
*No matter how well you prepare, some things are just out of your control.
*There are some people you can rely on for everything and there are some people who you need to keep some things from.
*A community of like-minded people can be a savior in any situation, even if those people are online.
*Don't be afraid to cry and get upset if something goes wrong, but it always important to pick yourself up and continue.
What has TTC taught you?

On an update note, I am currently 5 dpo and am planning to test next Wednesday a little less than 1 week before my 27th birthday. I hope I get a good birthday present.


Silver Rose said...

I hope you get a good birthday present too! Good luck!

Magnolia Bud said...

I hope you get a great birthday present! I also think it's great that you were able to connect lessons learned from TTC with better job performance. Good for you!


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