September 14, 2010

A few Updates

Well, I'm *almost* to 30 weeks! I went back to the dr's last week (and again next week) and everything was looking good. Bed rest is doing exactly what it should, preventing my blood pressure from continuing to rise. Dr was "proud" of me for taking it seriously. Really? Of course I take it seriously. I want a healthy baby! I was officially up +15lbs total, baby MB was measuring in at 2lb 3oz, and my blood pressure was on the "average" side of my highs (I've ranged between 116/68-156/85 since being on bed rest).

We're going to begin working on the nursery this weekend. I know, we're getting a late start - but we've been working on other parts of our home the last month and a half to prepare for baby MB so that was kind of on the back burner. I have done a few projects for the nursery though! Wanna see?!

Align CenterDIY Cookie Monster Mobil

DIY Cookie Monster Lamp Shade

DIY Cardboard letters that will be painted & embellished a bit to hang over his crib

And now, I've got to cut & make out 50 Cookie Monster felt heads like the ones above to stick in my baby shower invites. I'll be back with some more nursery updates!


Silver Rose said...

Glad to hear your bedrest is working. Love your DIYs!

Magnolia Bud said...

Your DIY's are adorable! Can't wait to see the letters once they're finished--I bet they're going to look awesome.

Cherry Bud said...

I love all the cookie monster touches. So adorable.
I'm happy to hear that bedrest is doing its job!


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