September 20, 2010

I Haz a Plan


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It's not an evil plan, but look at that kitteh! I wuv it.


My temp spiked, which I'm ignoring, because that's what you do to things who only want attention. I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt only because my cheap-o HPT's haven't arrived from Amazon yet. When they do, if my temp hasn't indicated O, I'll test, get a little weapy over the BFN, and fill my prescription for Provera.

That should start Cycle 4, and with it, implementation of The Plan. The Super Awesome Cherry Bud Pregnancy Attainment Plan.

The Plan

1. Ordered 40 OPK's from Amazon this morning. I figure I'll start using them around CD 14 and go from there. I'm still a little confused about these. Do you use them as soon as you see fertile CM? Or do you just pick a day and start POAS-ing? It's a confusing world.

2. Green Tea. Drink it. I have a bunch at home, I just forget to drink it. Always.

3. Vitex. I'm buying the smallest possible bottle tonight and crossing my fingers that it doesn't turn me into a crazy person. I mentioned awhile back that Provera turns me into Ted Bundy. What I didn't mention is that I wasn't surprised. My emotions are apparently in a very rickety balance, and a hormonal difference one way or the other turns me into a kaleidoscope of nuts. The point of this is that I'm giving the Vitex a chance, as it is (apparently) a fertility wonderment. We'll see how it goes. If my posts become mentally unbalanced in the next few weeks, you'll know why.

4. BD-ing. We're ok at this, actually. So I guess we'll just keep up the good work and stuff.

Sweet Thing Mr. Cherry Bud said this week: " said your temp went up...or down...something did that work out for you?" He's trying so hard, and I love him for it.



Sarcastic Bud said...

I'm intrigued with this Vitex business. Can you explain this a little further?

Cherry Bud said...

Apparently it helps normalize ovulation and lengthen luteal phases. I haven't started it yet, but I know a lot of women have had a lot of success with it, and it's all-natural, which is a plus in my book.


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