September 20, 2010

WTFlip Fertility Signs?!

UGH!!! I don't get any of this... I subscribed to Fertility Friend, have been reading all the charting lessons on Charting your Way to Conception, that's all great (and for those of you who are learning how to chart, and all that, I highly recommend them!). While the lessons are very clear, and easy to understand, my fertility symptoms are NOT! ::insert "PSYCHO" music now:: As someone diagnosed with PCOS, and MESSED UP cycles, I have no idea what I am feeling or going through. I had some thicker than normal CM early last week/weekend, I guess even kind of egg-white, then it got white and creamy... then dry as the dessert over the weekend, with sore boobs. I haven't entered anything in my chart yet, because I am waiting on AF so I can start a nice, fresh, chart. This way, I may be able to actually see what the HECK is going on here... ::crosses fingers::

I am waiting for my new health insurance card to come in, and as soon as it does, I am setting up an appointment with the Endocrinologist... I need to know what the FLIP is going on with my body. This is so frustrating! And the worse part about it is, I have had PCOS since I was 15 years old... No one (Doctors) ever told me to do anything else about it, except take birth control pills so that I get my period regular... now I realize that there is stuff that needs to be done! NEWS FLASH TO ME! Ugh, my moods have been so funky lately... Maybe AF will be making an appearance soon? Will keep you posted...


Cherry Bud said...

That's so frustrating! It's the worst when it just feels like your body is following absolutely no logical pattern. I hope you're able to get everything figured out soon.


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