September 19, 2010

Diagnosis: Crappy Luck

Lesson learned - always go with your gut feeling. There was a reason why I felt uncomfortable about my new RE.

On Monday, I spotted - just once - and it never came back. It was way too early for my period, so I immediately thought this was implantation bleeding and had a minor freak out (and by minor I mean major because I'm not one for surprises or things that aren't planned for). I called my new RE and asked about the progesterone supplements just in case I was pregnant. And do you know what I was told? I was told that they do not assist patients who become pregnant on their own.

Nope, no need to go back and re-read that sentence, you read it right.

And if that statement was not bad enough, I was also told that the doctor would call me back, but not today because he was on vacation. If I didn't receive a call back by Friday, the nurse instructed me to call them. You know, just in case I was "lost in the shuffle."

Again, no need to re-read. True story.

When situations arise such as this, I have to remember that I am a grown up and have to conduct myself in a "mature" manner, not like a member of The Bad Girls Club. And let me tell you, it took everything I had to not flip out on this poor, unsuspecting nurse and tell her what a crock of crap that practice was. I instead, thanked her for her time and immediately set up an appointment with my old RE to go over the information I was given with my second opinion (woo hoo! grown up status has been achieved!).

And just as I suspected, every single test the Second Opinion RE wanted to do on me was not necessary. Dr. T just kept repeating, "It wouldn't hurt, but its not necessary." It was nice to know that my current doctor is more concerned about keeping me pregnant than getting a fat payout.

So, I'm back with Dr. T and will start my Clomid again this cycle (hold onto your butts, readers). My TTC hiatus has officially ended only after 2 months (but 10 lbs gone!). I'm ready to give this another shot and feel like I am both physically and mentally ready.

Let the baby making (and keeping) begin.


Makeup Bud said...

There is SOME validity in what your RE said about the progesterone - but I did get pregnant on my own so I really know nothing about RE's or the process in which you're taking. But I thought I'd share anyways...

I was on progesterone injections from 13 dpo (got my bfp at 12dpo-ish) until week 14. Now, my OB told me the following, which I"m sure just covers his butt, but it makes sense. You can't repeat a pregnancy, so there's really no way of knowing whether or not progesterone is actually helpful in early pregnancy... except in my case we (OB & I) really really REALLY believe it saved my baby's life.

At my first beta draw, my p-level was 15... OB wanted it above 20 so he ordered me to do 1 injection/week.

two days later when we were checking HCG, my p-level went down to 13. two days later, 10, two days later, 7.3.

By the time it dropped down to 7, my OB was sure my pregnancy would end and that the Progesterone wasn't working.... But, he still upped my dosage to 3 shots/week (once it hit 10). "It's a shot in the dark" he said, "But, it's worth a try right?" I agreed. I'll do anything to keep this baby.

At 14 weeks it was FINALLY above 20 and once it stayed above 20 for the second consecutive draw that week, I was able to stop.

So, your RE saying that Progesterone doesn't assist patients who get pregnant on their own... I think that's a crock. Like my OB told me, there's no way of knowing if that's actually what helped. But my progesterone level was so dangerously low, and would have kept dropping had I not been supplemented, I truly believe it did help. Because clearly, my body wasn't doing it on its own.

I wish you all the luck in the world. Your gut feelings are probably right though. I'm glad you've got a new plan in action!

Sarcastic Bud said...

Thanks, MB. Although what my old RE was saying was that the practice does not assist patients that get pregnant on their own at all. That really baffled me. I go to a specialist not because I have a problem getting pregnant, its because I have a problem keeping the pregnancy.

Glad yours figured it out for you! You're getting so close now!

Parenting In Stereo said...

My mouth fell open. I can't believe they straight up said they don't help those who "help themselves" essentially. Some advice would be nice if they can't give a prescription. Yeesh . . .

Cherry Bud said...

I have no words. I actually did have to reread that nonsense from the RE's office.
I'm glad your old RE was so much more helpful, and I hope you and Mr. SB get your Take-home baby soon.

Sunflower Bud said...

I cannot believe they said they wouldn't help you if you got pregnant on your own. That in itself would have me running far away from them. My RE considers me under his care until I am pregnant enough to be released to my OBGYN, no matter how I got pregnant.

Worry Bud said...

Wow to your 2nd opinion RE - they are definitely a money making factory. GL once you start cycling again!!


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