September 1, 2010

Hope floats.

Floats right out the darn door.

AF showed yesterday with a vengeance. And she is pissed off. This is one of the worst, painful periods I've had in awhile. I don't know what I did to tick the wench off.

So here we go again. On to another dreaded cycle of no treatment. Yay.

(can you sense the sarcasm there? I'm sooo excited.)

I gave in and called a therapist who specializes in infertility. I called last Tuesday. It's now over a week later and no return call to set up the appointment. I can see urgency isn't there foremost focus. Um, hello, depressed person calls you, YOU CALL THEM BACK.

So now I'm off to find someone else to cry to about how much this all sucks.

20th cycle. It feels and sounds worse than moving into the "teen" cycles did.


Silver Rose said...

Aw, big hugs! Heating pad, advil and lots of chocolate!

Jen J. said...

I'm so sorry SB - sending prayers that your RE helps get to the bottom of the issue soon & closer to your BFP. :)


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