September 2, 2010


No, just DOR. Official diagnosis in my charts of Diminished Ovarian Reserve.

My FSH came back at 10.2. My RE had hoped that the level was high from my last test due to the cysts on my ovaries. But apparently, that wasn't the case. I've got grandma eggs. After everything we've been through to "fix" me, I'm still stuck with the same predicament. Expensive treatment.

I just sat in our ladies room at work (don't worry, there are couches and comfy chairs in there so I wasn't on a toilet or anything!) and cried for the longest time. I just can't take much more of these hits. "You're broken." "You're fixed!" "Ooops sorry, you're still broken."

So we meet with the RE on the 24th to plan the next cycle. He wants to see my next 7dpo bloodwork to check my ovulation before deciding what I will go on.

The nurse said it will definitely be injections because of my age. No IUI though because we don't have sperm issues. We're looking at around $2,000 a cycle.

I'm really starting to feel defeated.

And so I watch another month wasted while I wait to see the doctor.

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