September 18, 2010

FSH & Hysteroscopy Results

Well it looks like its time to try and make a baby again....

The Hysteroscopy
Last week I had a hysteroscopy with Dr. T and the procedure went well. I love my new clinic already. As they were putting me to sleep Dr. T told me to dream about visiting my family in Panama on a sunny beach. When I woke up I had a heating pad on my stomach and a pillow underneath my head. Dr. T came in and told me the procedure went well and that he removed a small polyp. He also said my uterine lining looks good and that anatomically we are good to go for my fresh IVF cycle in November.

FSH Results
Dr. T also gave me my FSH results after my hysteroscopy and my FSH is 5.9 and he said he is pleased with that. I will continue birth control pills and make an acupuncture appointment at the clinic next week, as well as make a payment on my upcoming cycle. Below is a chart explaining FSH from Advanced Fertility in Chicago and I found it to be quite helpful:

Day 3 FSH level FSH interpretation for DPC Immulite assay
Less than 9 Normal FSH level. Expect a good response to ovarian stimulation.
9 - 11 Fair. Response is between normal and somewhat reduced (response varies widely). Overall, a slightly reduced live birth rate.
11- 15 Reduced ovarian reserve. Expect a reduced response to stimulation and some reduction in embryo quality with IVF. Reduced live birth rates on the average.
15 - 20 Expect a more marked reduction in response to stimulation and usually a further reduction in embryo quality. Low live birth rates. Antral follicle count is an important variable.
Over 20 This is pretty much a "no go" level in our center. Very poor (or no) response to stimulation. "No go" levels should be individualized for the particular lab assay and IVF center.

Tons of Baby Dust to Everyone,



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