September 18, 2010

The Argument...

Why is it that women are always measured by whether or not they have children? Like what you say, or your actions do not matter until the day you officially become a mother? This is so stupid, and really gets my blood boiling... I mean, we are currently TTC... but what if it never happens? What if we are never blessed with a child? I'll never matter?! I hate it when people say this to me... I am sorry, but even if Idon't have a child, I am very compassionate towards people's feelings. I am a Teacher, and I work with Elementary School Children all day, Monday thru Friday... so I understand them, and I feel for them... but according to some people, that part of my brain that shows compassion, and all that won't develop until the day I pop one out for my own... WHATEVER!!!! ugh. ok. rant over.



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