September 18, 2010


That was my estrogen level on Thursday afternoon. My donor coordinator called with the news. Anything below 50 and we could continue the cycle without delay.

I can't tell you how relieved I was. We needed a little luck.

But I admit I was worried. All day Thursday and Friday I could feel the cyst twinging and buzzing in my abdomen. I was worried that it was growing, not shrinking. I put my first estrogen patch on Friday night as scheduled, and I wasn't surprised when half an hour later I felt the cyst burst. Wasn't painful, just weird. It hasn't bothered my since. I think it's gone.

The next step in my cycle is a blood test this coming Friday. It's another estrogen test to make sure my lining is increasing. A week from Friday I go in for another blood test and ultrasound, again to check my lining. At some point in the next two weeks I'll hear about my donor's suppression check and how many follicles she's growing. Her egg retrieval should take place in early October. That's just around the corner. It's almost hard to believe.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Golden Bud



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