September 29, 2010

Birth Center Tour & LEEP Followup

At our birth center, we are required to go on the official tour before we have our first OB appointment. Since they do first prenatal appointments between 10 and 12 weeks, they schedule birth center tours around 8 weeks. Ours is scheduled for October 27! I'm so excited, but also still very cautious. The center director was really helpful and warm, which is no different than anyone else who I've had contact with there--I am so happy we're going to be getting all of our prenatal care there.

The only thing that makes me not 100% excited for October 27 is that it's the same day I have my LEEP followup at the Women's Hospital oncology unit. That day marks six months since my LEEP, and they'll be doing my first pap since the LEEP to see if they removed all of the abnormal cells. I'm really nervous, since I've been having abnormal paps (due to high-risk HPV) for over 10 years--this is the first time it's been moderately or severely abnormal, so it was the first time I needed to treat it with anything more serious than a colposcopy.



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