September 29, 2010

A New Kind of Wait...

Well, the last time I had to wait, I was waiting for MR. JB's SA results. We all know that the results we got were not good, so we have decided to move onto adoption. I am sitting here typing this, and I am trying so hard to not be irrational. The day after we decided to go ahead with working towards adoption, I contacted the agency that we had fostered through to find out the process of having our home reopened as an adoptive home. I spoke to the woman who had originally licensed our home and worked with us for the two years we fostered, and she led me in the right direction. Little did I know everything would come to a screeching halt. I first emailed the woman who I need to speak with in regards to becoming an adoptive home. This was last Wednesday, and by Friday I still had not heard anything. So, I decided to drop her another quick email. She did write me back, wanting to know what would be a good time to call me that day. I gave her a huge open window (basically from 11 am on), and waited anxiously for her phone call. It never came. So, the weekend went by and I just enjoyed being with my family. We have some great friends who are our neighbors, and we attended a surprise birthday party at their house. I also babysat overnight for my friends one year old, which helped me get my baby fix. Monday rolled around, and I was very busy at work, but I took a moment to call the woman at the agency. Left her a message, gave her two different phone numbers to reach me on, and waited. She never called me back. Patience is not my best virtue, and I understand they are busy. But, in my mind, having a potential adoptive home ready to go that has already had a home study, and just needs to be reopened would have me jumping for joy. Oh well, I know I am not on the top her list, but when you have gone through what we have with trying to get pregnant, not getting pregnant, and then getting the news of not being able to get pregnant, you really, REALLY, REALLY want to move forward and as quickly as possible. I emailed her again yesterday to try to touch base and yet again, got no response. I just feel like it is never going to happen. I told Mr. JB my concerns, and of course he is urging me to be patient. RIGHT. I also brought up domestic infant adoption again, and that is just not in the cards right now, as the money would be an issue. Sigh. Waiting. It SUCKS!



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