September 16, 2010

2WW Continues...and I'm Emotional

Well, my first 2WW continues! I was in a bit of a temp-induced panic for CD 4 and 5 when my temp plummeted (seriously, 95.9?!), but it's since come back up to a solid 97.4 for two days running. So I'm going to jump in and test (way too early) tomorrow if my temp stays elevated in the morning. When I decided this, I actually rolled my eyes at myself.

Here's the whine/vent: In other news, we found out some news today that was hard for me to take. Mr. Magnolia Bud's brother and sister-in-law are expecting their second baby (their first, our nephew, is about 20 months), and are due in February. Their family has NO girls, and they found out today they're having the family's first girl. We're both happy for them, but I'm upset and jealous that everything happens to them first, and we're not getting to be first with anything. It seems like everyone got married before us (my sister, his brother), and everyone is having babies before us too (both sides of the family plus friends), and the only thing we've excelled at so far is accumulating graduate degrees.

Now, I know that's not a bad thing. But I feel like we've both worked so hard at school our entire lives, and now that we're done and have our lives in proper "adult" order (you know, house/careers/savings/stability), it should be our turn right now. ***pouting***

Thanks for listening. I know this is only our first cycle TTC, and I'm thrilled that we're finally there. But I'm not good at having patience, let alone with something I've been wanting for so long. Here's hoping tomorrow's a better day!

Love and LOTS of baby dust to each of you on this sunny Thursday!
-Magnolia Bud


Silver Rose said...

I know how you feel! It seems like everyone I know is getting married or having babies, but my boyfriend and I are waiting to be financially ready...too bad I am emotionally ready right now! I'm the oldest in my family and 4 of cousin my age are already married/having babies. As the oldest, I think it should be my turn, but I am the only one who finished college and is looking to go back. Hang in there, it will be your turn soon, and then you could have a huge party!!

Magnolia Bud said...

Thanks for your support, Silver Rose! It's definitely been the right thing to do for us to wait, but it gets harder and harder when babies (especially babies) keep happening to other people we're close to. Going to grad school was the best thing Mr. MB or I could have done for ourselves--we both love what we do now, and neither of us would be where we are without it. Good luck if/when you go back!


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