August 9, 2010

What I learned being KU - the 2nd Tri Edition!

Hey everyone! I'm officially in the 3rd trimester as of this past Saturday, woot! 27 weeks & 2 days today to be exact. I have been excitedly awaiting hitting the 3rd tri so that I could post this because it was so much fun last time {among other reasons}! If you enjoyed my 1st tri edition post, then I'm sure you'll get a few laughs outta this one as well! Here goes...

  • All the 1st tri symptoms that you hear about that magically go away once the 2nd tri arrives - it's not all true! The tiredness, itchy/sore boobs still stick around AND they are accompanied by even more exciting side effects like cankles & killer heartburn! :) (Photo Credit)
  • The worry is still there - it always is for me. I guess you tend to start worrying about different things, but you are still worried on some level.
  • Attempting to clean out your cluttered guest room/office, paint, have nursery furniture delivered/assembled (by Mr. Worry Bud) & have a big BBQ/party ALL in the same week is generally not a good idea. It can result in extended periods of sleep...I'm talking 12+ hours at one time! (Photo Credit)
  • Hiring a professional contractor to lay sod in your front & backyard the same week of said BBQ/party instead of trying to DIY have your husband DIY is a GREAT investment!!
  • You will change your mind many many times on the perfect nursery set up before you figure out the best/final one. Better to do it in theory {read: on paper/computer or in your head} before you have your husband move it around several times in practice to, you know, "just see how it'll look"! Nursery furniture can be REALLY heavy!
  • When the belly starts developing it'll still feel squishy when you sit down for a good while. It's not hard right away! (Photo Credit)
  • It's definitely NOT a good idea to drink a lot of OJ right before the gender determination u/s (we paid for one to find out a little early). OJ = 1 wiggly baby!!
  • The 1st time you know for sure you feel the baby moving is honestly the most AMAZING & exciting thing EVER!!
  • Try to make sure your bladder is as empty as it can be at all times to avoid the inevitable when you sneeze...embarrassing! :o/ (Photo Credit)
  • You can never own too many pillows. I sleep in a certified pillow fortress, lol.
  • Once you start getting bigger, try to stick with shoes that you don't have to tie - or ones that you don't have to tie often. Ever seen a pregnant lady tryna bend down to tie her shoes?! Not always a fun thing. 
  • Try to control your baby buying addiction by limiting the amount of things you are allowed to purchasee in a week...@ the rate I'm going Baby WB will have a fully stocked nursery & full wardrobe before any of her THREE showers!

  • When your pants get too tight, just let 'em go & buy maternity pants...believe me it's worth it, they are MUCH more comfy! And PS - I highly recommend Motherhood Maternity's secret belly fit pants/jeans - they are awesome!! (Photo Credit)
  • Even after you think you have everything perfectly planned out for your LO's nursery - you will continue to look for that perfect finishing touch.
  • Flip flops can be your BFF if you are pregnant over the summer.

  • Invest in some tummy butter/stretch mark cream of some kind - even if it doesn't actually prevent stretch marks, it definitely helps with the itchiness that comes along with your growing belly. I use the Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula for Stretch Marks & just slather it on! (Photo Credit)
  • That glucose test drink stuff they give you for your gestational diabetes test really is as NASTY as they say it is...bleh!

And that's all I got for the 2nd Tri Edition of What I Learned being KU! Hope you enjoyed reading! I'll be back next time with my 27-28 week 1 hour glucose test results, 28 week doctor's appointment {last one before I start going twice a month, woo hoo!!} & *hopefully* even more nursery updates, woo hoo!


Anonymous said...

Great updates!! Very funny. Congrats on getting this far in your journey and best wishes until you hold your little one in your hands.

Silver Rose said...

Hehehe that DID make me laugh! Good luck with your next few weeks!

June Bud said...

Hehehehe I laughed out loud!! Good luck with everything!

Katrina said...

Ha WB - Great Job! I love your rendition of these as much as I did writing my own! :) And seriously those Motherhood Pant are the ONLY ones that fit me... and I loved that lotion, I still use it :)
So glad you are doing well and don't worry... Mr. WB will still be re-arranging the furniture after Baby WB arrives :) hehe

Worry Bud said...

Thanks ladies! I can't believe how quickly the 2nd tri went by - can't wait to meet our little girl!! :)


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