May 15, 2010

What I learned being KU - the 1st Tri Edition!

Since my dear dear friend, Glow Bud had her LO, and "graduated" from blogging on Bloomin' Babies. I decided as a tribute to her, that I'd carry on her tradition of What I learned being KTFU. I always enjoyed reading her's so, hopefully mine will be just as entertaining & everyone will enjoy reading my thoughts about each trimester as well! She did her first one at 10 weeks, but I'm starting a little late...I'm already in the 2nd tri, but I am not so far away from the 1st tri that I don't remember the things I learned & thought about. So, here goes...
  • Once people know you are pregnant, they will want to touch your stomach...even when you're only 8 weeks (ahem, my MIL) & not even close to showing yet. It's just fat people. No, my stomach wasn't completely flat before & what you're feeling right now - it 'aint baby. It's disturbing, but sometimes you have to roll with it I guess. I know it's gonna REALLY freak me out when strangers start doing it....maybe I should buy this shirt (click to make larger; Photo Credit)? --->
  • Gagging due to a person's odor (which may not necessarily be bad - just something you can't tolerate at the time) while on public transportation is rude yes, but something that is sometimes unavoidable. Sorry people!
  • If buying that cute little unisex onesie you passed by at target will help you stop thinking about all of the "what If's" the first few months of pregnancy bring, then buy it! And it's so cute can you resist the cuteness?! :o)
  • Not buying one of those at home Doppler thingys was probably a good idea for yours truly. You see my name right? If I would have been unable to find Baby WB's h/b before my 12 week appointment (when my OB's very experienced nurse practitioner couldn't even find it), I think I would have went insane...literally. It would have been a definite emergency room visit for the Worry Buds. And, now I can spend all the money I saved on not paying a $40 rental fee per month for the Doppler on cute baby/nursery stuff!! And hopefully I'll start feeling the LO soon enough & at that point I hear you don't worry so much about what's going on in there. (Photo Credit)
  • I'd like to reiterate Glow Bud's very pertinent point about not making long road trips when you have no control over how much you will be stopping. Yeah, I planned a 4 hour road trip to NYC (on one of those big commuter buses) when I was like & 7 weeks pregnant. Yeah, I was dying trying to hold my pee & almost threw up multiple times b/c if I didn't eat exactly when I needed to I'd feel sick. On the way home, I demanded that we be dropped off at an earlier stop in our city b/c, "I was not getting back on that bus." I told Mr. Worry Bud that he might have to just get back on the bus & meet up with me later if the driver refused to give us our bags at the earlier stop, lol.
  • Don't try & rationalize your emotional (and by emotional, I mean cRaZy) outbursts to your husband. He just thinks you're crazy. He doesn't see a baby or a bump, so he doesn't understand the whole pregnancy can cause often extrememly irrational emotional outbursts. Just apologize when it's over & give your hubby a big hug & kiss! (Photo Credit)
  • If you're hungry - eat...even if you feel like you just ate a couple hours ago. Believe me, it'll make you feel SO much better.
  • If your boobs/nipples itch, scratch 'em. Even if you're in public...just find a way to discretely scratch them. Oh & speaking of your girls - pay no mind to how large the veins in your breasts get - it literally looked like someone punched me in the boob & gave me a big bruise all of a sudden one morning. Weird, but it happens, I hear due to increased blood volume in your body while pregnant. :oP
  • Play the "pregnancy card" whenever necessary with your husband - hey, this is his baby too (that he wanted just as bad as you did) & he can pick up some of the slack if you're too exhausted to . In my case, it was usually cooking, cleaning, or walking the dog. (Photo Credit)
  • Don't feel like you need to rush to make all the decisions that come with being a first time parent: home- or center-based daycare, nursery furniture, bedding, strollers, medicated or natural birth, cloth or disposable diapers, etc., etc. Take your time, weigh your options. Don't feel like you always have to have an opinion one way or another right away.
  • Every 1st time mom worries, but try to not let the worry consume you. It's very hard sometimes, but when you aren't worrying, it feels soooo good. Like a weight being lifted off your shoulders. And also, I think in the back of your head you will always worry about your child - even when they're 19 & in college. For different reasons, yes. But it all boils down to one thing: the immense & overwhelming sense of responsibility & love you have for them. Even when they are only the size of a poppy seed. (Photo Credit) It's normal!
And that's all I got for now! I really had fun doing this. Maybe for the 2nd tri edition, I'll start writing them down beforehand so I don't sit in front of my computer screen for an hour trying to think of everything, lol. I'm sure I missed a few things.

y 16 week appointment is on Friday, woot! Hoping to schedule our BIG u/s for 18 weeks, which is the earliest my OB allows their patients to schedule it. Technically the day I want to schedule it for is 17w6d, so hopefully they won't give me any problems on that. Please send prayers that the appointment goes well & we have no scares like we did at our last one. :o/ <--- see that? WORRYING. It never ends. Hope everyone has a great week!


Ms. Understood said...

Loved the summary of the 1st Tri. Can't wait til I experience it.

Katrina & Adam said...

I LOVE that you are continuing this on!!! :) Definitely made me chuckle cause I remember it all like it was yesterday!


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