August 26, 2010


Today was a very eye opening day for me. I am 29 years old, and I found out that a coworker of mine (who I have really become to know quite well) has Cancer. She is also 29. I can't even tell you what kind it is...all I know is that she was in the SAME boat as me. She has a three year old daughter, born just merely days after lil JB. Her and her hubby had been trying to get pregnant about the same amount of time as Mr. JB and me when school ended in June. She was getting ready to undergo testing to see why she was having such difficulty getting pregnant, because they had no problems getting pregnant with her daughter. When they did the testing they found the cancer, did a complete hysterectomy, and she is now undergoing chemo every week.


Puts things in perspective for me, but also scares the crap out of me, because you could NOT meet a sweeter person than her. It amazes me the strength she has, because lord knows I don't think I could muster the same strength if it were me.

I am now 5 DPO, and I keep praying that this is it for us...but, a little piece of my heart was given to her today when I heard her sad story. I know not getting pregnant this cycle will tear me apart, but with her story in the back of my mind, and with everything she has had to deal with, I know I can get through this. If she can, anyone can.


Makeup Bud said...

Wow, sending lots of T&P her way. That is definitely sad. I'm so glad they caught it though. Good luck with this cycle for you hun.

Obsessive Bud said...

My coworkers cousin just found out she had terminal cancer at the age of 27. 27. She was told she could harvest her eggs but there wasn't alot of time so they put her through menopause. Its so sad. I will definitely pray for your friend.

Good luck this cycle! Hope this is the one for you

Jen J. said...

I'm praying for your friend. News like that definitely puts things in perspective. Sending many prayers her way. GL during the rest of your 2ww.

Cherry Bud said...

lots of prayers for your friend, and good luck to you this cycle!


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