August 26, 2010

Oh, Bed Rest

Luckily, this isn't me quite yet!

So, update since the last time I was here....

After my appointment monday I got my bloodwork results back right away. Everything checked out except my liver showed some slight abnormalities. Dr said it could be due to taking tylenol for my headaches (which I hadn't had any in about 4 days prior to that bloodwork). He ordered that I get a 12.5mg shot of betamethasone Tuesday and Wednesday. It should help determine whether or not my liver functions were actually abnormal or if due to the tylenol. It also, I learned at the Drs office, is a steroid that will help increase Mister MBs lung growth capacity just incase this turns into something bigger and we go into Pre Term Labor.

So, I got the two shots (whoa did they sting compared to my progesterone shots!) and my blood redrawn today to double check for those elevated levels. Daddy MB wasn't so happy about the steroid, for his own personal reasons he kind of got into an uproar and I know my dad only has my best interests at heart - but I trust my Dr. He's gotten me this far on a pregnancy that we both thought we were going to lose at the beginning.

As far as work/bed rest goes - basically started on Monday when they wrote me out of work. I went in Tuesday for a half day to learn that they couldn't accommodate my half-day schedule that the Dr was requesting and I had to start my maternity leave today. FMLA is 12 weeks, I have 14 weeks to go. At first it was a little stressful but we got it all worked out and Hubby MB and I are confident this is the right thing to do. Even if our entire family is worried sick about our finances (I've got GREAT benefits and get 100% salary for the first 8 weeks and 67% salary for the last 4 weeks), it's clear to me and the doctor this is working.

How, you ask? Well, my BP yesterday was back down to 120/70 - still a tad bit high for me but back to non-dangerous levels. My headaches, dizzy spells, contractions, swelling, and everything else that was creeping up on me last week are nearly gone. And most importantly, that BP is lower. Woot woot!

Stay tuned to what I've been doing since being on modified bed rest (because I'm still allowed those 4 hours a day to do what I want)!


Obsessive Bud said...

I know how you feel =)I got put on bedrest and my BP is so much better when just sitting here and doing nothing. Its very nice. Stay strong! It gets sort of annoying and boring after a while =)

Silver Rose said...

I'm glad it's working out for you! I love that picture!! My boyfriend would come home and find random things on the floor because I couldn't bend to pick them up. LOL. Bedrest is what turned me on to blogging, so you've got a jump start. Get a giant stack of books and a lot of movies! :) Good luck!

Jen J. said...

I'm so sorry you have to be on bed rest for the rest of your pregnancy, but I agree - listen to the Dr., it seems he has your best interest & baby MB's at heart! GL sweetie!


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