August 21, 2010

Random {but awesome} run in!!

This is gonna be a short one.  Just wanted to pop in this morning to tell you guys about a random run in Mr. Worry Bud & I had last night. I wanted to go on a date last night, so Mr. WB ask what I'd like to do...ummm, I'm 29 weeks pregnant, what do you THINK I wanna do?! I wanna freakin' eat. :) So he asked where I wanted to go & I picked my fav Mexican restaurants - I love their chips & salsa (& mojitos, but clearly I wasn't getting one, ha!) & Mr. WB loves their sangrias + the chips/salsa too, so that's where we ended up!! I was standing in line at the host station to put our name down on the wait list (Mr. WB went to park the car) & an older couple walked up beside me to get in line as well. Well guess who it was?!?! My IVF nurse - Jane!! I touched her arm & said her name, she looked over at me puzzled. Then I asked if she remembered me & she immediately did! She gave me a hug, rubbed my belly & introduced me to her husband! We chatted for just a few minutes & then Mr. WB walked into the restaurant. She gave him a hug too & introduced him to her hubby, then we went our separate ways to wait on our tables. Afterwords, I rubbed my belly & told Baby WB that Jane was one of the people that helped bring us to her - our precious daughter! It was so cool seeing her again - makes me miss my RE's office! They were much more personable than my OB's staff, but I like them too - it's just different, lol. All of this reminds me of how truly blessed we are to have come this far & to be so close to meeting our baby girl!

In other news, my 3/4D u/s is scheduled for next Saturday @ 30 weeks, woot. Can't wait to see our little girl again! Hope everyone has an awesome weekend - I'll be back next week with my 29-30 week update & hopefully some good 3D pics of Baby WB!!



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