August 22, 2010

Good Vs. Evil!

Guess what I did today?? Shopped for my neighbor, who just had a beautiful baby boy. We became good friends with them, when we realized that their daughter, attended the same preschool as lil June Bud, and that the kids were in the same class. Lil JB doesn't go to that preschool anymore, but with them living diagonally across the street from us, we have remained very good friends with them. Not only did she have a beautiful baby boy, but she also named him our number 1 baby boy name. Not that it makes any difference to them or us, but it was just ironic to me. I went out and sucked up my own self pity, and bought them a really cute onesie, some cute lil socks, and some other stuff. I am also going to cook a dish for them, so that maybe that will help them out a bit. Aren't these onesies adorable????? Walmart!!!!! Such a great place for cute digs for newborns :-)

Oh, and of course I got a really cute gift for the new big sister. :-) I am so excited that their new little bundle of joy is here, but of course deep down inside I can't help being jealous. I wonder how it will be emotionally when I hold him for the 1st time? I will probably cry...tears of joy for them, and tears of frustration for us. The good thing is, that they know exactly what we are going through. Even though we have not known them too long, I really feel comfortable talking to them, so I have opened up about our TTC struggles, so they know exactly the position we are in.
Guess what else I did today?? I THOUGHT I had finally ovulated. I know. I was speechless too. I had a temp spike this morn, so I figured within a few days I would probably get crosshairs on FF (well, dotted ones atleast due to my crazy temp taking times), but crosshairs at that. Well, then I got a massive amount of EWCM. WHAAAAA? So, where does that put me in the whole O dilemma? Any insight would be awesome. I am just thoroughly confused by my body this month...and the timing does not help either. If we WERE to get pregnant this month, I would have a mid May due date, which would be AWESOME because it would only be a few weeks before the end of the school year. All of the standardized testing would be done, all of my counseling would be coming to an end, and they would not even have to replace me while I was gone.

Murphy's Law says that would be too good to be true. Oh, but here's a positive...
I bought myself cookies, and will indulge because I can :-)
June Bud



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