August 23, 2010

Queries and Thermal Shifts

Mr. Cherry Bud and I went to a wedding for two good friends this weekend. It was a wonderful wedding, beautiful decorations, good food, wonderful people. There is nothing I like better than celebrating the love and commitment between two people. Beautiful.

The only downside to weddings is the inevitable baby questions. Mr. Cherry Bud and I have been married for a year and show no public signs of giving the world Baby Cherry Bud. This means that, at every social event highly attended by members of my church, I am asked, constantly "So, when will the two of you be having children?" or the slightly more tactful: "So, will we be seeing a new little one in the nursery any time soon?" I've even had "So, are you trying?" This tends to be from the younger crowd, possibly because the younger one is, the less tact one is equipped with. Instead of throwing out the "We're not-not trying" answer, I've found one that tends to placate the church-going crowd.

"Whenever God decides we're ready"

Because no good church-going old lady can argue with that. It also has a very "thank you for asking, lets move on" tone to it.

It's hard to be at an event where your TTC plans are constantly questioned, especially when none of them have any idea how much I would love to be able to say "Yes, we're due this *enter EDD here*"

On the charting and oh-so-bright side, it looks like I may have ovulated yesterday (Holy Thermal Shift, Batman!), which would mean our timing was pretty good, actually. Sustain, Thermal Shift, Sustain!!

Bullying my temps into staying high,
Cherry Bud


Silver Rose said...

Good luck! I've had people ask me and my boyfriend that question and we're not even married yet! Sometimes people get too


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