August 23, 2010


Here I am on day 12 of the 2ww. I am feeling pretty pessimistic about the outcome of our first IUI, as my temp has started to drop and I am extremely irritable and tired. I already got a BFN yesterday. I will possibly test tomorrow morning for kicks if I am in the mood--I don't think seeing another BFN this cycle will upset me, since it's totally what I expect.

We had our appointment with Prof. L, the senior RE today. Originally when I scheduled the appointment, I was sure that I would have known the outcome of this cycle for a week already, but since I ended up Oing much later than usual, such was not the case. This coming cycle we will be taking a break from treatment since we will be away, but the following cycle when we get back we plan to do Clomid IUI. Our chances should be significantly better than with unmedicated IUI. The current plan is 3 cycles of Clomid IUI and then if that doesn't work, we'll move on to injectibles. I was happy to learn that I shouldn't be very concerned about my fibroid or about my strange follicle maturation patterns (hopefully induced ovulation will help to normalize things anyway).

One thing that made me feel like an idiot was not writing out my questions in advance. I told him that I had a ton of questions and then subsequently forget 75% of them. I felt pretty dumb and now the questions are creeping back. One major concern I have is the risk of multiples. I was born 2 months prematurely and in my mom's next pregnancy, she lost twins during the 2nd tri. Her ob/gyn told her there was no way she would have been physically able to carry twins to near-term. I have the same build and am the same size as my mom and I worry that I also will not be able to successfully carry multiples. I was wondering whether it would be more appropriate for me to try Femara instead of Clomid since the risk of multiples is lower, but I guess I will have a lot of time now until the beginning of my next treatment cycle to ask the question anyway.

Our appointment was totally OOP (and quite expensive!), so imagine our surprise when at the end of the appointment, Prof. L told us that he wasn't going to charge us anything because he in principle won't bill other doctors. How freaking nice is that? We were shocked and so appreciative. I am hoping for a relaxed break cycle with less stress in my life and the opportunity to step up my running to get in better shape. We still plan to try on our own, though that obviously hasn't gotten us so far in the past :)


Silver Rose said...

That was really nice of him! Good luck on your decision. You'll make the right one.


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