August 21, 2010

Oh Ovulation, Where Art Thou?

Well, the school year is underway...I started back to work on Monday, and just finished our planning week, before the kids start on Monday. I am a Guidance Counselor, but I had sooo much to do this week it was unbelievable. I hope I am ready for Monday!

Of course, the first week of school lined up with my fertile period. Just.My.Luck. Well, I figured at least it would keep my mind off things...but, now I am thoroughly confused!!!! I have never ovulated past CD16. Well, I am on CD 17 and I still have no sign of O. WHAT???? Where is she??? Mr. JB and I have been BD'ing away, and that has helped because it has kept me from going crazy wondering. A little stress relief never hurt right?? :-). But, I really do wonder where O is, and if AF shows on time, that means my LP will not be long enough to hold the pregnancy. The other problem I am facing is that my time for temp changed dramatically this week, since I was waking up much earlier than I did over summer break. So, now I have beautifully annoying open circles all over my chart. hmmmph. Of course I temped this month but did not use OPK's. Now, I wish I hadn't bothered to temp and just used OPK's.

I guess I will just sit here and wonder...where oh where, art thou, O?

June Bud


Worry Bud said...

GL on Monday! Sometimes our bodies do odd things & O can be delayed for a variety of reasons - hang in there!

Cherry Bud said...

Mine's doing the same thing. Maybe both our O's are off having a party together and they've forgotten to show up. Hang in there! It will happen soon!
Good luck Monday!


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