August 29, 2010

Hello Month 7 & Third Tri!

We've made it! We're here! 3rd Tri is finally here!

Today I am 27 weeks and starting into the third trimester! I honestly never really saw myself here, making it this far. After a loss, every milestone is a treasure. I know Baby MB is getting cramped in there, and I also know his movement is getting much stronger. He spent nearly all night last night performing a dance number on my insides after we shared a Strawberry CheeseQuake Blizzard treat from Dairy Queen (which was *heaven*).

I've got 10-13 weeks before this little man arrives. *takes a deep breath* That means 10-13 more weeks of modified bed rest and hoping he doesn't come early. You can do it Baby MB! My Blood Pressure has still been reading pretty high the last few days, but I've also been a bit more active that I probably should have been. So, this means more resting and less to-do-ing. Ah well.


Worry Bud said...

Congrats on getting to the 3rd tri! Hang in there. :)


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