August 27, 2010

Nursery plans oh-my!

So, we've got our plan for painting and some Cookie Monster pieces we've got online already. And even though our general theme of the nursery will be Cookie Monster, I don't want it to be a TACKY kind of them if you know what I mean. I've got some more ideas to incorporate and start planning for Baby MB's nursery.

I recently started following a new blog, Young House Love (above photo credit), which is amazing in it of itself. But I especially fell in love with their asymmetrical wall art for their nursery. I suppose I should start shopping the thrift stores for some photo frames to repurpose. I bet I've got a few around the house too I can use. I'm very excited because I know my MIL is making a really cool cross stitch project for when he gets here that will have his birth stats on it - what a perfect spot this will be for that craft of hers!

Originally I wanted to hang Collin's name above his crib with some wood letters. Then I saw this "M" monogram from Christy's Creative Chaos (above photo credit as well). She made this out of a cardboard shipping box! The 3-dimensional aspect above the crib would be a great addition to Collin's name wouldn't it?! And, I wouldn't have to buy the letters - I can shop for the cardboard in my basement. Maybe I can find some Cookie Monster scrap book paper for the sides of the letters. Hmmmmm!

We definitely need quite a bit of help in the closet/storage organization. (Isn't that closet above beautiful?! Photo Credit to OhDeeOh) We've actually got a big closet, but it only has one hanging rod and one shelf. We're hoping to install some shelves, another hanging rod and really take advantage of the space we have. Recently, Anna @ Knock Off Wood posted a GENIUS way to install even MORE closet space on your closet doors. Currently our closet doors are sliding doors and I'd love to incorporate this idea to both our nursery and maybe our Master Bedroom too! I can imagine all the possibilities of storage!

We shall see, we shall see! Nothing can be done until we take everything out of the room now.... which... OI VEY overwhelms me. There's just so much stuff up there! And of course being on Modified Bed Rest, I can't do it all myself :( Currently our Crib, Dresser/Changing Table, Glider & Ottoman are sitting in their boxes surrounded by CRAP! One day at a time, I must tell myself this!

What are your favorite nursery projects you've seen lately?


Jen J. said...

I'm doing a similar asymmetrical frame arrangement on my nursery wall - inspired by YHL too! Very cute ideas - can;t wait to see your nursery finished!

Natosha said...

I saw your post about it too :) Annnnd then realized you were also a part of the Bloomin' Clan! hehe, also can't wait to see your nursery finished! (Makeup Bud)

Cherry Bud said...

I love the closet! Actually, I love everything in this post. So cute.
I'd like to thank you for getting me hooked on Young House Love. Poor Mr. Cherry Bud was bombarded yesterday by all my new ideas for home improvement.


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