August 1, 2010

25-26 weeks & double digits!!!

O.M.G. I can't believe how quickly time is flying! I'm sure I have said this before, but for realz - it's flying. I remember how excruciatingly slow the 1st tri seemed to go by & now I feel like the second has FLOWN by - a few more days & I'll be officially in the 3rd tri (I am going by the 26.6 weeks = 3rd tri, but accoring to some sources, I already am in the 3rd tri!!). I looked at my little ticker today & I only have 97 days left until Baby Worry Bud's EDD - double digits baby!!! Ahhhhh. She's still busy as ever moving away in there...still the size of an eggplant according to The Bump. Another little token of knowledge The Bump gave me today when I opened my email - I may start feeling Braxton Hicks contractions, which I'm sure will freak me out. It may sound crazy, but I still worry about this little girl - I'm sure that'll never change - but anytime I feel a weird twinge or something I haven't felt before, then I get worried about her. Not as worried as I was in the 1st tri or before I could feel her kicking & wiggling around in there, but still. I guess that's part of being a mom...which is AWESOME since I'm already a worry wart (again, hence my name)! Sigh.

The Bump also says that I need to:

  1. Schedule a tour of the maternity ward {where I'll deliver} - DONE!
  2. Pre-register with my hospital - ummmm, no one mentioned this to me?! I guess I'll ask my Dr. about this one @ the next appointment.
Oh & I'm overdue (again, according to The Bump) on these tasks:
  1. Start interviewing pediatricians - guess I should get on that, huh?! I got a referral, I just need to make sure they take our insurance & set up an appt.
  2. Research private & public cord banking.
  3. Schedule a Glucose Tolerance Test - plan to complete this Wednesday...wish me luck!
And on my own list:
  1. Discuss maternity pics, select a date & find inspiration photos for my little sis (she agreed to do my maternity pictures - she's a pretty awesome amateur photog).
  2. Finish up DIY nursery projects (as of now, that's about 3 more left, but knowing me, I'm sure I'll add more).
  3. Type up proposed maternity leave schedule & discuss with both my boss{es} (we have briefly discussed it, but I wanna give them something in writing).
  4. Work on comprehensive Baby WB to do list.

So I guess I need to get on the ball on a few things. I have also tasked Mr. WB with researching College Savings Plans & bringing what he finds to me, so we can make a decision on what'll work best for our family & budget. Whew. Thankfully that list does not include figuring out daycare - my older sister has generously offered to be our nanny. She's a SAHM, so she says she doesn't mind & she'll be able to bond with her first & only niece! LOVE her. :) It's gonna be soooooo much easier for me to go back to work knowing our baby girl is being cared for by someone we know, love & trust and someone that we know will not harm her in any way. My sister is a very natural nurturer, must come from being oldest? IDK...but she's awesome with kids & I know she'll take great care of Baby WB.

Baby Center says the baby's network of nerves in her ears are better developed and more sensitive than before & that she can almost definitely hear outside voices in addition to mine. I definitely think she knows her daddy's voice, because anytime he puts his head down near my belly & talks to hear, she kicks for him. A daddy's girl already! They are totally forming an alliance against me, but it's cool because I know my sweet doggie will remain on his mama's side...he better if he knows what's good for him! Or maybe, he'll join the Baby/Mr. WB alliance (b/c I'm sure he & the baby will be BFFs), then I'll have no one on my side. Sigh. Outnumbered. Already. By way of symptoms, I am definitely feeling more achy towards the end of the day & I have been getting a lot more frequent heartburn. Last night it kept me up for a bit. It's not horribly unbearable, but it still hurts! I have also been having a lot more (tmi) gas - my poor hubby. And my ankles are swelling again - I assume from humidity & salt intake like last time, so I'm laying down with my feet up resting now.

Also, my baby buying obsession is still in full effect. My newest purchase - that Mr. WB denied, but I just HAD to have so I bought it with my credit card. : ) We have a joint, but also separate checking accounts & one separate c/c each that we pay from our separate very well for us. But I digress, I bought my little girl the most frivilous, but also the absolute cutest thing ever:

::giggle snort:: A-freakin'-dorable, right?! I love that it's 0-12 months, so she can wear it for her newborn pics, her monthly ones too possibly & for her first birthday!!! And the best part - I got it on babysteals for $35 & it's regularly $70, although on sale for $55 right now!! So now I want to try & make her a cute hair bow to go with it!

I also made the last of the really major purchases for her nursery! I got her bedding, toy storage tote & throw pillow/cover for her glider all from PBK (I had a 10% off your entire purchase coupon too, woot):

 PBK Brooke Decorative Sham (I also bought the pillow insert for $10 from PBK)

PBK Girls' Canvas Buckets (I got the large one in pink dot)

And finally, my 26 week bump pic + a comparison for every 5 weeks starting @ 5 weeks & ending with 25 weeks (click to enlarge) - I definitely think I look pregnant, but still don't think I've "popped" so to speak. Or maybe I have & it's all in my mind that I haven't?! Regardless, I'm fully in maternity or my Mr. WB's clothes, lol. Keep growing big & strong in there Baby WB!!

26 weeks:
5-25 week comparison (every 5 weeks):

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Ms. Understood said...

I love your Jack Daniel's lounge pants, LOL. I am so happy at how well you journey has gone!! That tutu is adorable and your husband will love it when he sees it on her. Good luck with getting everything on your list checked off.

Katrina said...

OMG that tutu is so freakin adorable!!! I can't wait to see when you really pop! Lookin good though girl!


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