August 2, 2010

Roller coasters are supposed to be fun!

The big news is: Today I am pregnant. The question remains... for how long.

Friday night I got the bright idea to take a pregnancy test at midnight before I went to bed. Total crapshoot. Figured why not?!

Holy crap, this popped up:
Saturday morning, tested with a digital, Not Pregnant. Okay. Went to the store to buy more tests. Tested Saturday afternoon with a FRER and got this:
Very faint. But definitely there and definitely within the time limit.

Holy crap. Woohoo!

Tested Sunday morning, line was lighter. Tested Sunday afternoon. Still faint but still there.

Commence freaking out about the lines getting lighter. They are supposed to get DARKER!

Fast forward to my beta today. It's a bright shiny... 7. The nurse's exact words were, "You are so barely pregnant, we aren't sure if you even are." World comes crumbling down. While my miracle was crashing down around me, I could hear the nurse saying that I needed to come back in Wednesday for another beta but that I should really prepare myself for a miscarriage. She's actually shocked that the tests registered anything at all. Trying to be somewhat optimistic, she said that there is a possibility that I'm just very early and ovulated later than I thought (on the 18th instead of the 17th) and implanted late. But she said this is a slim possibility and the more likely scenario is that the implant just didn't take properly.

Now I get to pack the maternity clothes back into the tub that I had Mr. Sunflower Bud drag out of the garage in my excitement and cancel my ebay auctions that I was selling my Clear Blue Easy digital ovulation kits that I had left over...

I think I'll just stick with pessimism from now on because optimism sure does suck.


Ms. Understood said...

I'm so sorry SF you are on this emotional roller coaster. Good luck on Wednesday. I hope it was just too early.

Sarcastic Bud said...

Oh sweetie, I am so sorry that you are on the rollercoaster ride that makes you want to vomit. Unfortunately, I know this ride all too well.

I'll be thinking and praying for you. Please keep me updated, and if you need to, please email.

Silver Rose said...

Aw, I hate rollarcoasters! Boo on your nurse for being a pessimist. :(


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