May 13, 2010

Holy Mood Swings, Subtitle: Why My Husband Deserves a Freakin' Medal

Under normal circumstances I hate to be uncomfortable - either mentally or physically. Standing outside in 90 degree weather? Forget about it, I'm not too fond of sweating through my clothes. Sitting in the kitchen while a friend and her husband are arguing about their finances? I'm out like a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest.

Because I am so sensitive to my comfort level, my annoyance meter usually stays at a steady 40 (out of 100, 100 being the highest annoyance, of course), but you would never know it. Somehow, miraculously in my older age, I have been able to control my emotions. But throw in The Clomid Factor (yes, this has hit the point that it deserves a formal title!) and Holy Mother of Cats, hold on to your butts.

I've been fortunate enough that I have not experienced the harsh side effects others have had on this medication, but this little pill? Has made my annoyance meter hit a steady 80 (on a good day), and has taken down a few innocent bystanders along the way.

The Clomid Factor has influenced the following situations this week:

1. Apparently talking through a yawn is completely unacceptable behavior. Mr. SB had the nerve to do this unthinkable act on the phone the other day and I hung up on him........only to call back 30 seconds later to apologize.

2. A teenage employee at Chik Fil A wished me a Happy Mothers Day complimented by a free brownie. This made me Lose. My. Mind. Most of you are probably thinking this upset me because of the problems I have been having becoming pregnant, and that my emotions were totally warranted. Not the issue. I thought she was calling me old. I snatched the bag out of her hand and peeled out of the drive thru like a bat out of hell (yes, I ate the brownie, yes, I enjoyed it, and yes, I'm pretty sure this secured my spot in hell).

3. Speaking of driving, I'm beginning to think that the keys should be quickly taken away from me. But being that my work is about an hour away from my house, there's really no way to get around it. My road rage has about tripled on the annoyance meter, and the only thing that has kept me under control is the irrational fear I have where I think everyone carries a gun in their glove compartment (irrational fears are my specialty).

4. Trip to the grocery store? A small feat under normal circumstances, a complete disaster under The Clomid Factor. Not being able to find the peanut butter led to a sob fest in the car on the way home. Never in my life have I been so over emotional over peanuts and oil (shocking, I know.).

Add in the fact that my favorite hockey team (love ya Pens!) was completely embarrassed out of the playoffs, and its been a hard week. But you know what? Every day it has gotten better. I've learned to curb my emotions and realize when I am acting like an irrational, crazy person. And above all, I have an understanding that sometimes you have to go through a little bit of hell to get to heaven (I just hope Mr. SB has the same understanding. Have I mentioned how I do not deserve this man?).

I have my eyes on the prize - a Little SB that will most likely have my eyes and my husband's laugh. And that, my friends? Is worth all the unjustified Mother's Day brownies and tears spilled over peanut butter in the world.


Ms. Understood said...

Yeah, I've heard about the moody swings that Clomid can cause. Sorry it's been so rough on you. But you've got the right perspective, keep you eyes on the prize.

Sunflower Bud said...

LOL!!! I remember all too well how freaking CRAZY I was on Clomid. While I'm upset that it didn't get me pregnant, I am thankful I don't have to ride that crazy train again.

It's shortlived. Don't worry, you'll be sane again soon!

C said...

I feel your pain, my annoyance level has also been way up there since I took my clomid!

Worry Bud said...

Haaaaaa...wowza, "The Clomid Factor" sounds intense. Hopefully it'll bring you something sweet in the end though. :)


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