April 15, 2010

Oh Boy (s)!

Baby Daisy bud is a boy. While we are thrilled to be having a healthy little boy, I will admit that I was feeling slightly disappointed at first that it was not a girl. Mainly over the fact that we really don't need to buy much of anything for this little guy. I was really looking forward to picking out all kinds of cute girls rompers and jammies. Now that I've gotten used to the idea of having another little boy, Little Daisy Bud #1 and I picked out a few new outfits for his little brother. Mr. Daisy Bud and I also decided on a name for our little bud. We are planning on calling him Jackson Curtis. It's funny because this was on my list of potential names for little Daisy Bud #1 and I'm pretty sure Mr. Daisy Bud hated it then. There's something about having a name for him that just makes him so much more real.
And since I'm usually pretty bad about adding pictures, here is a 26 week bump shot.



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