April 14, 2010

Planning for a baby – An introduction

Let me start by giving you a little background on Mr. Planner Bud and myself. My roommate and her boyfriend set us up in July of 2007, because they were both sick of us complaining about the horrible people we were dating. We moved in together in June 2008 and were married in August 2009.

We knew quickly that we were right for each other and often talked about having children very soon after getting married. Mr. Planner Bud had really wanted me to get pregnant before our wedding, but we agreed to wait until the spring of 2010 to begin TTC. This plan didn’t last very long; during our honeymoon, we decided we wanted to start as soon as possible and have a family by the end of 2010. However we ended up having to wait until January of 2010 because Mr. Planner Bud’s job was hit by the bad economy and it took him a while to find a new one.

Even though we couldn’t begin TTC, I began charting and realized I had a shorter LP (about t 10-11 days), so I began taking B6 daily with my prenatal to try to make it a little longer. When we starting TTC in January, I was sure I would be pregnant right away and began planning my summer. I let my friend know that there was a good chance I would be visibly pregnant at her July wedding, and I researched all the things I would have to stay away from during our anniversary trip to Disney in August. However, cycle 1 came and went with no BFP. I was heartbroken, but figured a couple cycle was fine. I just completed cycle 3, and even though both Mr. Planner Bud and me were sick at some point during the cycle, it was still hard to have AF arrive.

As we continue this journey I am trying to keep the positives in mind. My LP was 12 days this month, even though I spotted on day 12. I am getting closer to being able to ride all the rides at Disney. I have twelve more months to plan for my 2011 baby.


Ms. Understood said...

I can relate to being the uber planner. I have plan B and C for every plan A. My husband and I are planning for a 2011 baby as well but we won't be starting for a couple months. Good luck. I look forward to reading more about your journey.


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