April 9, 2010

Lots of Updates

I'm sorry its been a while since I updated everyone. I was sort of waiting to see if things progressed before getting too committed to being excited. Its a bittersweet feeling to always have that impending what if question in the back of your mind.

The last time I wrote, my HCG was 299, it jumped to 1288! So they're not doing hCG draws anymore, but unfortunately I am now having to get Progesterone Injections three times a week because my Pro went from 15 to 13 to 10.3. This had me SO worried before our first u/s appointment this week because low progesterone probably contributed to our loss.

Well, we went to the u/s and of course I was a nervous wreck. We ended up having to wait 45 minutes after my appointment to get in. They were really busy. We got in, they took us to the room that I deemed "D-Day" (where we found out Angeline hadn't had a heartbeat)... and almost instantly we saw the little flicker on the screen. Well... it was really hard for me to see but Mr MB saw it instantly. Our little one had a heartbeat of 97 bpm!!

Doc said thats a little on the slow side, but because I was measuring 6w2d (I thought I was 6w5d) I probably implanted a little later so it was right on track.

As of now, I'm just praying that at my 8 week appointment the heartbeat is still there, first of all, and secondly that it's a little faster. My due date got changed to November 28th.

Unfortunately, in my personal life my grandma is on her death bed in California. She's been fighting a very rare stomach cancer for two years and all of the steroids they had her on trying to figure out a treatment plan gave her lesions and sores over her entire body. They got that under control and we thought she was improving and all of a sudden she had a massive amount of internal bleeding. She's on morphine for pain, and she's ready to go. She promised to watch over the baby and I for the rest of our blessed lives. This will be the first loss in the family I've ever experienced (and at 25, I'm pretty lucky!) so it's been extra hard.

After we finish telling our parents, I'll share our reveal stories! Hope everyone had a happy Easter!


Jen J. said...

Praying that your next appt. shows a nice, strong h/b!!


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