April 11, 2010

Let the fun begin...

I'm happy to report that we got a BFP this weekend! I had a light 2nd line on a FRER Saturday morning at 12dpo, then confirmed with a FRER digital Sunday morning at 13dpo. DH and I are both over the moon! It was my 9th cycle off BCP - a long and rocky road with the sweetest ever ending!

As you might remember from my recent post, at the beginning of March we got a less-than-ideal sperm analysis report, showing only 3% normal morphology. We kicked into gear right away, cutting out alcohol and supplementing with Pycogenol (for DH) and Pom juice for both of us. I never expected it to happen so quickly, and had totally prepped myself to wait the 3 months it takes for sperm to regenerate. I have no idea if these "home remedies" did anything, or if it was just luck. Let's hope this little jingle baby is a sticky one!

For those who are interested, here are the symptoms I had in this 2ww. I'm only listing the ones that I didn't experience before, because in my 9 mos. TTC, I had many, many fakeouts:
  • Single-boob soreness started at 4dpo - other boob felt fine
  • Clear implantation dip at 7dpo
  • Started feeling really fatigued at 7dpo
  • Cramps also at 7dpo that went away
  • Increased appetite at 8 dpo
  • Woke up with a headache every day since 10dpo, which continues
  • By 12dpo both boobs were swollen and very sore, even to the touch, continues
Since it's still only Sunday night, I haven't called my doc yet, but FF gives me an EDD of 12.20.10, which is a day before the 5-year anniversary of our engagement. DH told me this morning at breakfast that when he first woke up today, he felt as giddy as he did the morning after he proposed to me. He is going to be the best dad, I'm swooning already!


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