April 9, 2010

15 Weeks

So Obsessive Bud is 15 weeks! Awesome! Not much has been going on since last week. I have been looking at nursery stuff and decided to copy a fellow bud, Love Bud, because I loved her bedding!
The bedding for a boy is.. drum roll please!

And for a girl

We are super excited to find out exactly what we are having boy or girl. We really go back and forth on what I'm baking. I really think its a boy, then I don't want to press my luck and think its a girl. Yeah so WHO really knows?

We also decided on a stroller and carseat. After reading an awesome book, Baby Bargains, I highly highly highly recommend it! We did some research and found the best stroller for our activities as well as the safest easiest carseat.
This City Mini Jogging stroller with a pram attachment in black. Also comes with carseat attachment

We are choosing between two carseats
The Graco SnugRide

Or the Maxi Cosi

The only other thing I have settled on is a pack and play

So I guess you can say, I have been a little busy! HA! We are so excited. I can't believe this is finally happening. So amazing!

I feel like my morning sickness is getting a little better but now that I say that I bet I will lose my lunch. Its how the cookie crumbles.

I did have some major cramping and it freaked.me.out. So freaking scary! I called the doctor and apparently its pretty normal. The cramping is really strange. It isn't constant just on the side every now and then. Apparently its my uterus and round ligament pain. Just my uterus making room for little jelly bean! Very scary especially when you get some contraction like pains after sex. EEK!

No real new cravings have hit. I am on a fruit kick. Mmm and I really want a virgin pina colada!

Our next appointment is on Thursday and I'm going to ask my doctor about drinking in the hospital during labor and walking around. Also going to ask him about a pap smear I need to have since I have had cryotherapy and also have my cervix checked out again.

Hopefully we will schedule the big U/S the week following and in a couple of weeks I will know if I'm carrying Olivia or Jack! We can't wait!


Delia said...

I LOVE my City Mini. Love. We didn't get the car seat attachment because we went with the Chicco, but that stroller rocks.


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