April 20, 2010

Another 2WW

It looks like I actually O'd again this cycle. I'm not sure that my CH's are correct, but here's my chart:

Since my LP's have been 9-10 days in the months I've actually O'd, FF is telling me to test on Thursday, 2 days from now. I think I'll wait til this weekend to actually test, I just don't have the urge to do so yet. I think that I'm worn out from all the BFN's, procedures, wasted cycles, etc.

I'll update after I decide to test.

~Sassy Bud


Ms. Understood said...

Good luck Sassy-B. I agree with the CHs that FF gave you. Seems to line up well with your fertile CM and there is a clear temp shift. I see you tested this morning. Sorry about the BFN, but good luck. I've read that whether your LP is usually 9 or 16, it still takes time of implantation to take place, so tomorrow could still be really early.


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